Modern Dental Technology

modern dental technology

We practice modern dentistry

Technology in the dental field is ever-changing, so we make sure to stay on the cutting edge by integrating state-of-the-art equipment into our practice. This allows us to diagnose with more accuracy and treat patients with less pain and in fewer visits. It also equals less time in the dental chair and a more comfortable experience from start to finish. We use only the best materials and methods to ensure stunning and reliable results time after time.

At Town Square Family Dentistry, we’re dedicated to making sure that our patients have a convenient, positive, and stress-free experience. From our warm, welcoming lobby to our modern treatment rooms, you can rest assured that our team will take great care of you!

Genoray Papaya 3D+ Digital Conebeam CT Scan

Genoray Papaya 3D+ digital 3D CBCY scan

CBCT stands for ConeBeam Computed Tomography, which is a special type of digital x-ray scanner that dentists use to see a 3D image of your mouth and teeth.

The ConeBeam CT imaging system rotates once around your head while you stand or sit in a chair. The process is quick, simple, and completely painless. We use these scans to provide the best treatment in dental implants, root canals, diagnosis of dental and facial pain, etc.

We can evaluate your teeth and facial structures from literally every angle, in 3D, and in color! Routine x-rays, on the other hand, produce a single flat image with limited information.

You can have absolute confidence and satisfaction in the treatment you receive, knowing we’ve analyzed every problem with 3D technology.

3shape TRIOS intra-oral scanner

3shape TRIOS intraoral scannerThe use of intra-oral scanners in dentistry offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy | Intra-oral scanners provide highly accurate digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. This reduces the chances of errors that can occur with traditional impression materials and techniques.
  • Time efficiency | Intra-oral scanners can capture digital impressions in just a few minutes, compared to the time-consuming process of creating traditional impressions, which can take 10-15 minutes or more.
  • Improved patient experience | Patients may find intra-oral scanning more comfortable than traditional impressions, as there is no need for uncomfortable impression trays and material.
  • Improved communication | Digital impressions can be easily shared with dental laboratories, making it easier to communicate treatment plans and collaborate with other dental professionals.
  • Better outcomes | The use of intra-oral scanners can improve the overall quality of dental restorations and other treatments, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Overall, the use of intra-oral scanners can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort of dental treatments while enhancing the patient experience and outcomes.

Digital radiographs with SOTA imaging

SOTA imaging dental technologyWhen it comes to dental imaging, digital radiographs offer several benefits over traditional film-based X-rays. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Increased safety | Digital radiographs use less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays, making them safer for patients and dental staff.
  • Immediate image acquisition | Digital X-rays provide instant results, eliminating the need for film processing and reducing patient chair time.
  • Enhanced image quality | Digital radiographs can be manipulated and enhanced on a computer for better visualization and diagnosis, aiding in more accurate treatment planning.

Dentrix digital charting

Dentrix digital charting dental technologyDigital charting in Dentrix allows us to create and maintain electronic patient charts, store and manage patient records, and streamline various administrative tasks at our practice.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Dentrix digital charting include:

  • Electronic patient records | Dentrix allows us to create and manage electronic patient records, facilitating easy access and updates.
  • Treatment planning | Dentrix aids in treatment planning, appointment scheduling, and tracking patient treatment histories, streamlining treatment coordination.
  • Image integration | Dentrix can integrate with various imaging systems, such as digital radiography and intraoral cameras, to attach images to patient records for diagnostics and treatment planning.

16-minute teeth whitening with glo pro power+

glo teeth whitening Garden Grove, CAWith GLO Science teeth whitening technology you can brighten your smile in a matter of minutes! GLO Science’s Pro Power+ is the next generation of teeth whitening solutions.

Why choose GLO?

  • Professional-level whitening | At-home teeth whitening strips may be a good short-term solution, but GLO Science technology delivers superior long-term results in a convenient and cost-effective manner.
  • Reduced sensitivity | GLO Science technology combines LED light with whitening gel, which can help reduce sensitivity when compared to other teeth whitening methods.
  • Quick and convenient | GLO Science offers a quick and convenient teeth whitening experience. Many patients appreciate the efficiency of the LED light technology and the ability to professionally whiten their teeth in just 16 minutes!

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online appointment booking at Town Square Family DentistryAt Town Square Family Dentistry, we do everything we can to provide our patients with the best experience and absolute highest quality of care – including the ability to book an appointment online 24/7 through our website!

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to book dental appointments 24/7 is a game-changer for patients. The convenience of online booking means you can secure your appointment at any time, whether it’s during a lunch break, late at night, or over the weekend, without the need to call during traditional business hours.

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