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Missing Teeth Actually Pose a Danger to Your Health

Protect your health by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.

Dr. Shaaban dreamed of becoming a dentist since he was a child. He has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years and takes part in many continuing education opportunities, allowing him to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology.

The Trouble With Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can have a rather obvious impact on your appearance, but did you know that they can also have an impact on the health of your surrounding teeth? The added space that results allows your teeth to shift and can cause some serious problems with your bite. This can cause your teeth to wear unevenly and result in serious damage to your remaining teeth. Missing teeth can also compromise the health of the gums and provide an opening by which bacteria can access your bone and bloodstream.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are composed of three parts. First, there is the titanium post that is surgically attached to your jawbone. Titanium is a material that is naturally compatible with the body, which means that the jawbone will naturally fuse with the implant. Second, there is an abutment that is affixed to the implant and is visible at your gum line. Finally, there is a crown. The crown replaces the visible part of the tooth and looks just like your other teeth. Dr. Shaaban will walk you through all aspects of this procedure and ensure that the implant perfectly completes your smile.

Dental Implants vs Dental Bridges

Unlike dental bridges and partial dentures, a dental implant replaces the root of your tooth. A dental implant is more permanent than a bridge, and it helps keep your jawbone strong and healthy by providing it with the stimulation previously supplied by your tooth’s root.

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