Options Framework Theme

Use of_get_option($id,$default) to return option values.


This is the adapted theme version of the Options Framework plugin, which makes it easy to include an options panel for any theme.

How to Include in Your Own Project

Just drag the admin folder of this theme, options.php and functions.php into the theme of your choice.

Basic Options

type: text (mini)
of_get_option('example_text_mini'): no entry
type: text
of_get_option('example_text'): no entry
type: textarea
of_get_option('example_textarea'): no entry
type: select (mini)
of_get_option('example_select'): no entry
type: select2 (wide)
of_get_option('example_select_wide'): no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_categories'): category id = no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_tags'): term id = no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_pages'): page id = no entry
type: radio
of_get_option('example_radio'): no entry
type: checkbox
of_get_option('example_checkbox'): no entry

Advanced Options

type: uploader
of_get_option('example_uploader'): no entry
type: image
of_get_option('images'): no entry
type: multicheck
of_get_option('multicheck'): none

The array sent in the options panel was defined as:
Array ( [one] => French Toast [two] => Pancake [three] => Omelette [four] => Crepe [five] => Waffle )

You can get the value of all items in the checkbox array:

  • There are no saved values yet.

You can also get an individual checkbox value if you know what you are looking for. In this example, I'll check for the key "one", which is an item I sent in the array for checkboxes:

The value of the multicheck box "one" of example_multicheck is: no entry

type: background
of_get_option('background'): no entry
type: colorpicker
of_get_option('colorpicker'): no entry
type: typography
of_get_option('typography'): no entry


type: editor
no entry

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